Putty Glazing In Plymouth, Plympton and Plymstock

At traditional Glazing, we can provide a wide range of putty glazing and installation services. No matter the size or job, we can get it done. Please get in touch for more information!

Putty Repairs

Over time, sunlight exposure can degrade window putty, allowing water and insects to seep into your property. If left untreated, window panes can become loose, which causes further damage in the frame, and eventually allowing the window panes to fall out. Depending on the severity of the degradation, we can repair and replace the window putty.

Using top-quality multi-purpose putty allows us to work on almost any material. The putty forms a secure bond on surfaces such as plastic, wood, metal, and glass. We can work on any job, whether big or small and to a budget. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Older Window Repairs

Older windows are usually subject to take more damage and quicker degradation. Traditional windows may be the only type that will fit your type of home, and you won’t want to replace them because of that. We recommend repairing traditional windows, rather than replacing them, as it will save you more money and time.

To give traditional windows the longest lifespan we can, we use top-quality timber. Using good quality materials and regular maintenance gives them the best lifespan possible. We provide cost-effective maintenance and repair services of old timber windows and traditional metal windows.

Repairing traditional windows is eco-friendlier and more cost-effective than replacing them, so not only is it cheaper for you but it’s also better for the environment. Get in touch today for more info!

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